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The Karate Center offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of our members, ranging from our basic martial arts training program to our premium Leadership program. Master Horner has developed these programs to encourage, inspire, challenge and motivate students to a higher level of both their physical and mental development in our martial arts training.

Certified Black Belt Training Program
This is the basic training program that will lead a student from a beginner white belt to their goal of Black Belt. In this program the student will learn all the necessary curriculum to earn a Certified Black Belt in the art of Tang Soo Do.

Junior Black Belt Program
The Jr. Black belt program is for students age of 6 to 10 years old. Students are beginning martial arts training at 3 years old!. The Jr. Black Belt program is designed to teach a traditional, challenging, although age appropriate curriculum. Students can achieve the rank of Jr. Black Belt once completing the required curriculum.

Little Dragons
The Little dragon program is for the youngest students, 3 to 5 years old. The Little Dragon program focus is on basic physical skills, social skills, and behavior. These fun classes will be the foundation for their future martial arts development.

Black Belt Club 
The Black belt Club is an upgraded membership. Club members enjoy several exclusive classes each month and a distinctive uniform. The Black Belt Club curriculum includes demonstration team, expanded weapons training, class credit toward rank advancement, discounts on clinics, seminars and tournament fees, and more!

The Leadership program is our premiere membership. The curriculum is designed to explore and practice the life skills to be a leader inside and out side the Dojang (school). Leadership members are unlimited to the number of classes they attend and many special events are included in their membership. Extra training classes and student dedication can lead to accelerated rank advancement. CIT/AIT training program is included for Leadership members.

Certified Instructor Training / Assistant Instructor Training
The CIT/AIT program is for members that want to expand their martial arts training to the level of Instructor. The course material will cover all aspects of class management, teacher/student relationships, safety, and mentoring.

We also offer:
Private Lessons by Appointment
Women’s Self Defense Classes
Children’s, “Stranger Danger” and “Bully Buster” Safety Programs
After School Karate

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