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What is Tang Soo Do?  

Tang Soo Do means "the way of the Chinese hand." It contains characteristics of Chinese internal methods and Japanese striking styles. Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial art and its purpose is to develop every aspect of the 'self' in order to produce a mature person who can totally integrate his intellect, emotions, body and spirit.

Tang Soo Do is not a sport. Its primary goal is character development through physical training. Tang Soo Do does lend itself well to self defense situations. Being a well-balanced style, Tang Soo Do offers a wide array of kicks, hand strikes, and stances representative of hard styles as well as softer stances and more fluid motions that are indicative of the softer styles. It derives its hardness from Soo Bahk Do (an ancient Korean martial art) and its soft flowing movements from the Northern Chinese systems. Its kicking techniques, for which Tang Soo Do is unsurpassed, are based on Soo Bahk Do. Both of these can easily be recognized in the forms that are practiced within the style. Self defense, health and becoming a better person are the foundations of Tang Soo Do.

Transforming your body and mind to that of a Black Belt leader will become one of your most valued experiences and achievements.

The Karate Center is located at
7000 Charleston Shores Blvd.
Lake Worth, FL. 33467.


128 East Ocean Avenue
Boynton Beach, FL. 33435

The Karate Center is an official Tang Soo Do school, under the instruction of Master Gary Horner and our certified adult Black Belt instructor staff.

7000 Charleston Shores Blvd. Lake Worth, FL 33467 561-968-4011 masterhorner@gmail.com
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