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Beginner's Classes Enrolling In NOW! Karate Center Karate For Kids

We focus on Respect, Discipline and Self Control

Our Time proven Curriculum helps to condition the mind, as well as the body and spirit using positive coaching and goal oriented achievement training.

Academic Excellence

During classes kids learn to set realistic goals, and to work hard to achieve academic excellence and Karate (martial arts) success. We also instill the principles of modesty, courtesy, respect, and self control. All while helping them become more assertive and less aggressive.

Our class offers:
  • Upbeat, high-energy Martial Arts Classes
  • Core strength and Coordination/Balance enhancing drills
  • Exciting, fun and fast paced punches and kicks
  • Practical & effective self defense
  • Listening and concentration building exercises
  • Goal Setting for Success
  • Safety & Bully prevention tips
  • How to deal with negative peer pressures
  • We teach your child to be more respectful and have more self discipline and self control.
  • Improve your child's confidence, concentration and listening skills.
Why not give your child the life skills needed to be their best at school, at home, and when dealing with the pressures of everyday life?

Discover how our Karate students become high academic achievers and excellent athletes with confidence and a positive, respectful attitude through our traditional Martial Arts programs.

Let us provide the fitness, discipline and expertise to give your child the opportunity to become a healthy and fit young adult. Plus, develop the life skills and core values they need to succeed in life.

For more information about our Kid's Karate class, fill in the information box on the right and details will be sent IMMEDIATELY to your inbox!

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